Bittersweet week

The nature of playing two 7 game series against teams that would refuse to lay down until the series was over. Philly made a point to step on the throat when they had to.

Dare I say it on a Pens site? Why not. 

The Flyers looked good at dismantling The Habs, but I hope they can adapt, Chicago as more firepower than Montreal.
The Stanly Cup Finals are set

Starting on Saturday, and these teams better not disappoint. 

I will be rooting for the Blackhawks but I would settle for a good series of hockey- As in, 7 Games with NO too many men penalties and every game decided in 3 overtimes or more.

Something I did not forsee and it's a tough pill to take.....

In the same weeks the Flyers make it to the Stanley Cup Finals

The world loses Ronnie James Dio and Paul Gray  (Slipknot, Bass)

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