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Like any good sports organization, solid acquisitions are key to creating a winning team. We're no exception to this rule here at Pens Universe. Over the past 13 months we've continued to grow and add some quality writers who have a unquenchable passion for our Pittsburgh Penguins looking to share their opinions. As we prepare for the launch of PensU 2.0, its imperative that we produce more and more content to inform, entertain, enlighten, and even challenge some of your preconceptions. It is with great pleasure that I get to introduce three more team members to the Pens Universe staff. Welcome them, follow them on twitter, and be sure to interact with each of their articles.


I am a 27 years old father to a 6 year old boy and 3 year old little girl. For many years I have been a HUGE Pittsburgh and WBS Penguin fan. In my spare time, I coach my son's Wilkes-Barre Junior Pens mite ice hockey team. My interest in hockey started during the Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguin’s inaugural season. My father would take me to the games and I continued that tradition with my son and daughter. My interest has peaked over the last year because of my son playing. My next step is to don the pads and play myself, in due time.

I have been reading PensU for a while now and could not pass up the opportunity to be part of this great group of Pens bloggers. While reading their articles I often find myself agreeing with much of what they write...and seriously, who doesn’t love the Photoshops?

I am very excited to be part of the team. And oh yeah… LETS GO PENS!

WBS Blogger
Data Analyst/Team Leader for Kraft Foods
Pens Fan Since– 1999/2000 Season
Current Location – Shickshinny, PA
Favorite All-Time Pens Player: Mario Lemieux


My first Penguins memory is in October of 1988. Believe it or not I actually chose to go to Sesame Street Live at the Igloo instead of a Pens vs Red Wings game for my birthday. Let's just say that was the LAST time I have ever turned down an opportunity to see the Pens. From what I'm told, I had been to a game in the 87-88 season, which I don't remember, and evidently didn't have fun. lived in Pttsburgh until I was 18, but I have been living in NC for 7 of the lst 9 years. My love for the Pens and my distance from the Burgh has ade me do some crazy things. The most recent being the 36 hr trip to Pittsburgh for game 7 of the Montreal series. There's also the 06-07 season where I had to go to a bar for essentially every single game; this of course was before I had a Dish Network with the NHL Center Ice package.

My favorite all time Pen is 66. If you don't know why, you probably shouldn't be reading this. Otherwise, read this, cause he's a decent guy...

My favorite current player is Max Talbot. This is for a lot of reasons, but I knew it was real when Max put on a Crosby jersey and skated around the ice with stick in the air at the morning skate in Montreal to please the thousands of fans who had come to see Sid. Sid had been nursing a ankle injury and didn't participate in the skate.

To the surprise of many, I do actually have a lot of other passions in life besides the the Pens. In no particular order; my dog (115 lb mutt named Timber), live music (Phish), electronics/technology (Apple groupie), Disc Golf and I'm a big Steelers fan as well. I joined Pens Universe to have a creative outlet for my rabid obsession with all things Penguins.

Home Town: Pittsburgh, PA (Pleasant Hills to be exact, Go TJ!)
Current Town: Charlotte, NC
Pens fan since: Birth, first game 1988
Favorite All-Time Pens Player: Mario Lemieux



At 22 years old, I've been a hockey nut for as long as I can remember. I grew up in the rink, it was actually my second home. While some can't wait for the summer months to come, I can't wait until they are over. Born and raised in Chicago, I followed Ed Belfour wherever he would go...that is until he went over to Sweden and dropped off the face of the earth. Post-lockout I almost lost my interest in the game, no hockey, no Eddie. That was until I friend told me about this young superstar who was supposed to revamp the NHL. Who was this kid? And what was all the fuss about? I soon learned what the fuss was all about and couldn't stop watching. The beauty of falling in love with a player is as easy it is for the entire team to capture your heart. I cried when they lost the Cup, and cried when they held it over their heads. The things this young team has accomplished in so little time since the infamous lockout, well, unbelievable. Recently a friend and I founded ChicksWhoGiveAPuck.com, which is a website designed to break the stereotype of the female fan. The site covers the entire hockey world so I have to keep my focus on the game as a whole and not just the team I have grown to love.

I wanted to join the PensU team to fuel that passion I have to hold inside on my own site. The same passion I have found in the members of Pens Universe.

Home Town: Antioch, IL
Current Town: Lindenhurst, IL
Pens fan since 2006
Favorite All-Time Pens Player: Sidney Crosby

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