"Halaked" redefined...by fisherman?

Back to Back Shutouts in the ECF against the team that took down the 2 juggernauts of the Eastern Conference. Halak could probably use a few lessons right about now....especially if you saw last nights 3rd goal.

Losing to Philly is one thing, but to put up 2 straight games where the Habs barely looked interested in anything more than being harassed with their own "Ole, Ole, Ole" chant...

Is the series over? No...but the Death Knell is beginning to chime, maybe some effort will be shown in Montreal.....by the Habs.

I suspect Philly will be serving notice in Game 3:

But will Montreal run for the safety of home ice,
and drop the piano on Philly?

Random thought on my fanboyism!
Somehow I don't think GMRS is disappointed in that pick-up then....Here's to another multi-year contract!

Next up: WCF

It seems that our current crop of fisherman were not content to decimate the fish population in Illinois, and a journey west and some different surroundings  would set up another opportunity to provide for their friends and families:

 and somehow this guy didn't mind sharing the fishing spot...

That's right, the #1 seed that remains in the playoff hunt has now dropped both of their opening home games.

Even Ryker couldn't bear to deal with this....

"The good news is that everybody thinks we're done," defenceman Dan Boyle said.

Umm, Dan, the Pens kept reiterating how they were going to be fine and they stayed with their game vs the Habs. We all saw how that worked out.
Shark fan, please don't fall back on what the Flyers accomplished, it doesn't apply to you because EVERYONE has reported the Eastern Conference teams are the JV clubs this year.
Considering that the Flyers did something that has only occurred 3 times in NHL history, the odds are not in your favor and you aren't playing the Bruins.

Also, a special shout out to the NHL for their game scheduling...having both Conference Finals games on the same night is weak....and waiting a week to alternate them is simply a joke. I want hockey EVERYDAY, and I know I'm not the only one.

Thankfully, I am so eager for The World Cup

No Ballack, but who DOESN'T love pronouncing Schweinsteiger!

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