PensU teams up with the Cooke Family Foundation of Hope

Go ahead, blame Matt Cooke. Though this time blame him, Max Talbot, and Marc Andre Fleury for teaming up with PENS UNIVERSE for benefit of the Cooke Family FOUNDATION OF HOPE.
We here at Pens Universe have a strong passion for hockey, Penguins hockey, that goes without saying. But more than that we have a passion for helping others in need. When we first heard about the great things the Cooke Family has been doing over the past four years we simply had to contribute in some capacity. For those who aren't aware, here's the what and why...
The Cooke Family Foundation of Hope was brought to life in 2006 by Michelle and her husband, Pittsburgh Penguin left winger Matt Cooke. The couple both grew up in small towns where the values of sharing with neighbours and helping out in the community were deeply ingrained...

...Our aim is to help anyone who needs it: children and adults from all walks of life. We'll also provide support for their families. Through this website and your generosity, we can nurture dreams and bring the impossible within reach. Because everyone needs a foundation of hope.
So here's what we're doing: Over the summer we've decided to donate 50% of all profits we receive from the sales of our t-shirts and other paraphernalia to the foundation. That's right, anything you purchase from our store at Zazzle is eligible. You can buy the shirt that the Matt, Max, and Marc Andre are wearing above, or choose from a great selection of other fan favorites. How about Disco's All Business, or maybe even Sid's Dryer? Surely our two most popular to date. More will be added in the coming weeks. Any remaining funds will be utilized to continue to bring you the best Penguins hockey coverage across the internet. We have some great things on deck with the release of PensU 2.0. You're not gonna want to miss out. Tentative release date is August 2010.

So please join us as we give a little back to help the Cooke Family and their Foundation for Hope.

Thank you.

The Pens Universe Staff


We at Pens Universe would also like to extend our most heartfelt condolences to the Shero family in the passing of Mariette Shero.

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