History and other ramblings....

First off, a tremendous "Thank You" to the Penguins Organizations (Pittsburgh and Wilkes-Barre/Scranton) for giving us more great things to talk and blog about. Although it would be nice, there is no requirement to bring a Cup (Stanley or Calder) home every year to keep our continued support.

New Faces to come, Old Faces to leave:

But that's part of hockey every year, and a wonderful allure to sports.

If you are a hockey fan and aren't even remotely interested in the possibility of history making tonight, you should be escorted out back and summarily forced to watch an infinite loop of "Roseanne" re-runs.
Don't let your team prejudice allow you to miss this!

The Staal Drinking Game has taken a turn toward serious brutality, if Pittsburgh makes a move for Marc Staal, lives will be lost to alcohol poisoning.

Willie Mitchell has something to say about head shots.

Crosby says no to playing in WC after buying a new home.
(Face it, a well deserved vacation is due for the ALL of the Pens right now)

The Pittsburgh Penguins Eulogy over at Puck Daddy
(Seriously? Roethlisberger and local tragedy jokes in a hockey piece? I had expected more but much like the Caps season, I found disappointment.)
The Pensblog boys REALLY kept their Caps Eulogy classy AND hockey related
Once again, Pittsburgh owns Washington.....

Every week that passes, I lose even more respect for The Hockey News, see for yourself, stuff like this is why. The world is a better place listening to @Stanfischler

Seriously, in the Pens Game 7 loss to the Habs, the nicest words to me came from Flyer fans as well as a few from INSIDE the Flyers organization. No links to share, to protect the innocent, but it certainly commanded a lot of respect from me. However, I will say even though I am all about hockey history being made tonight, Scott Hartnell and Dan Carcillo...you are NOT exempt from my jobbing during the game.

Honestly, it's going to be nice to relax and watch some playoff hockey without a care in the world...as long as anyone BUT San Jose wins the Cup....

but  that's another story...

For the Penguins, the end of this season is just the beginning:

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