The Re-enactment of the Boston Massacre and more..

March 5th, 1770- 240 years ago saw the Boston Massacre

May 14th,2010- The re-enactment was to be held in TD Garden

History is something to be watched when the probability of occurrence rests at 50%.
Team prejudices aside, watching the Philadelphia Flyers come back from a 0-3 Series deficit in a game that saw them trail the Boston Bruins 3-0, in the first period, was like watching a spectacular train wreck. Shock and Horror. Each Philly goal had some character with it, a weird bounce or off a Bruin player....but the game winning goal being scored on a power play which was delivered by Shawn Thornton's Too many Men on the Ice call in the 3rd period, it was quite the Fabulous Disaster:

Philly has Home Ice advantage as a 7 seed in the Eastern Conference Finals

Montreal as the 8 Seed called to say:

Enjoy some of the headlines around the internet today:




Trust me folks, Philly winning last night HAD to occur for all of our sakes as hockey fans. Sure we have to hear about the Flyers for a while but that's far better than having to revisit old stories from this past season.

We all have our hopes about what the finals will work out to be, personally I would love an Original Six Matchup. We haven't seen one of those since the 1978-79 Season, when Scotty Bowman's Montreal Canadiens defeated Fred Shero's New York Rangers 4 Games to 1.

Say what you will about the NHL regular season, but the Playoffs never cease to have spectacular stories!

Great Video Recap  of Flyers/Bruins:

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