Living to fight another day...

Game 6 for the Pens/Habs tonight, with the Flyers and Bruins facing off for their Game 5

Habs defense possibilities, per TSN yesterday
 Interesting tidbit on the Habs, Per CBC
Flyers possibilities, per NHL.com

Congratulations to Vancouver, you staved off golf for another day...
Do the Canucks have the strength to take it to 7?
Why not, the playoffs have already taken a strange path so far....
Sami Salo was hurt blocking a shot, he gets a stick tap for committing to teamwork

Say what you will, but Dallas Braden threw a perfect game against the best team in baseball yesterday, and that's a feat that deserves respect.

If you can't find the Penguins tie-in here, go be a Caps/Flyers fan...

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