Another one bites the dust and other crimes.....

Well, It needs to be said...

I'm San Jose, B***h!

Even though every team that gets eliminated this year has essentially seen some of the worst officiating in league history, Detroit now sleeps with the fishes. There will be no Episode III.

From what I've seen myself.....It's going to be a long off-season for bitter Red Wing fans, but teams have to play through it.

Other notes:

-Hal Gill to be evaluated today 

-Unless Luongo steps up his game, its going to be 125 years before The Canucks get near a Stanley Cup:

-Oh that Don Cherry

-Cammalleri's remarks about Fleury

Excuses, whatever....

-And the Outstanding Performance Award for Drama goes to...Josh Gorges on the roughing call to Malkin (Say what you will about Crosby, Georges was WAY more "convincing")

-Boston can close out Philly tomorrow

It's Mother's Day, go tell her "Thank You" for everything.

and I leave you all with this......

Thank you, Undercover Brother....

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