PensU Player Profile: Marc-Andre Fleury

Throughout the off-season, we here at Pens Universe are going to provide you with player profiles that will summarize our opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of each player as well as highlighting their performance this past season, and we'll also include an outlook for the 2010-2011.

Marc-Andre Fleury

2009-10 Statistics:

Salary: $3,500,000
GAA: 2.65
SV%: .905
Record: 37-21
SO: 1

Composure, flexibility, sharp glove, lateral movement, poke check.

body size, rebound control, holding the post.

09-10 Assessment:

To many fans, Fleury didn't seem to have that great of a year. But after a clear evaluation on paper he had a fairly decent year. How easy it is to forget what a truly astonishing goaltender he is when he lets in a few softy's that lead to a bad game. But Fleury doesn't forget. For almost every bad game he follows up with a real good one. He was absolutely the backbone for the Pens this year wtih a career high 66 starts. His loan shut out this year does not do his skills any justice. Sometimes it's not just about what is on paper.

Awards: None.
Though he was selected as a backup for Team Canada. And he did wear a PensU t-shirt lets not forget.

10-11 Outlook:
Fleury is locked up for a few more seasons, and will no doubt receive the starting spot come September. However, he will need to find a way to fight through his inconsistencies and improve his game a bit such as packing on a bit more muscle during the off season and working on positioning to better control rebounds instead of solely relying on his exceptional flexibility. The signing of Swedish hot shot Mattias Modig may be the swift kick in the ass Fleury needs. Nothing wrong with some healthy competition

Worth His Salt?
Coming into next season at $5.5MM is about average for a highly skilled starting goaltender.

With the Pens through 10-11?
Absolutely, no doubt in my mind.

by Sara Tylkowski

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