Your 2010 Stanley Cup Champions, The Chicago Blackhawks!


A stellar time for Chicago sports fans, enjoy it....even your 1985 Bears did not accomplish something this great.

 (ESPN Chicago)

I think I can justify Marian Hossa lifting The Stanley Cup easier than I can resolve the Cup in Philly. 
Not because I can't stand the Flyers though..

Maybe that can be a post for later this summer.

What I can't stand, though, is the hypocrites...

You burned your bridge, this is your punishment.

Football can keep it's Madden Curse!
Patrick Kane with the OT Game Winner in Game 6

Congratulations to Marian Hossa, you've made history!
This picture looks a heck of a lot better if the crest on your jersey looked like this:

Mr. Hossa hold that Cup for the Pens, they'll be knocking on that door in '10-'11

Now for the slow season.....

Coming up: More player profiles and whatever shenanigans we come up with to pass time until September!

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