2011-12 Penguins - 10 things you need to know...

We know, we know, the last place you really want to get some good information about the Penguins (or hockey in general) is ESPN. The national media only knows so much about each team, so their supposed expertise only goes so deep.

Nevertheless, sometimes you need to give credit where credit is due. Scott Burnside does do a pretty decent job at summarizing what we're in store for the this season for our beloved Pens. Plus he has some good quotes from Rejean.

You can read the full article here, but here are some highlights...

  • Shero told ESPN.com in regards to Crosby, "I was watching the other day and I said to Dan I'd pay 9 million bucks just to watch him practice."
  • Shero continued, "[Malkin and Crosby] will always be the face of the franchise, and that's wonderful, but I've said since I got here that we won't be an organization that's just built around one or two players. You can't be if you want to have success."
  • If he [Cooke] can return and be effective, it will give the Pens another element up front, as Cooke and Staal have formed a formidable penalty-killing duo and an agitating force that can produce offensively.
  • If there is an underlying reason we like the Penguins to return to the Stanley Cup finals (and we're not the only ones by the way), it's their defensive firepower.

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