What's The Buzz? Tell Me What's Happenin'!

Okay, enough with the rock opera stuff and let's get to hockey. In this column, we will discuss what Pens fans have been buzzing about lately on Twitter, Facebook and even dinner table conversation. (imagine that!)

Sidney Crosby.  

The first and most obvious subject, the Captain. From a broken neck to his mystery press conference to his recent comments about not being symptom free yet; a lot has been swirling around about him and quite frankly, fans are frustrated. Can ya blame them?

I like to think that most Pens fans and general hockey fans want the best for Crosby. He, along with other NHL stars, make the game appealing to fans of all ages and undoubtedly to those who pay good money on tickets.

But there come a time where we as fans must place our fan card on the shelf and look at the situation differently, without our black and vegas gold glasses. Crosby not only has to consider his career but his life beyond hockey.  But until Crosby is 100%, fans will have to deal with conflicting media reports and more vague updates.

Staal and Despres.

As if we are lucky on the injury front, fans received refreshing news that forward Jordan Staal and defenseman Simon Despres are close to returning to the lineup. Staal said, "Not far, I don’t think. It’s feeling really good. It’s just a matter of time."

Evgeni Malkin.

Enough said.

Tyler Kennedy. 

The Ol' boy is the latest player that has been added to the shelf pending his reevaluation today. Even with an injury, TK has managed to cause quite the stir amongst fans. The 25 year old forward, who has a cap hit of 2 million since receiving a new deal this past off season, has managed only 6 goals and 22 points so far. A lot want Kennedy on the platter for the deadline.

Paul Martin.
Speaking of trade deadline, let's put Paul Martin out here, oh wait....errr...NTC. Unless GM Shero has the freak powers of that chick in Wolverine where he places his hand on Martin's shoulder and tells him to walk back to New Jersey and never turn around,  Paul Mart is here to stay BUT stranger things have happened.

Eric Tangradi.

In a sense, you have to feel bad for the guy, right? I mean people talked Tango up to be this awesome big body forward that would put Ryan Malone to shame. With a few good shifts here and there, Tangradi really hasn't lived up to all of the expectations. This brings up the question, is Tangradi still in the plan? .....who honestly know what will happen, but we do know one thing that does happen to him...

PK Subban.

Without a doubt Subban is "dangerously tripping" his way up to the top of the jagoff list. The guy is a good player with a craptastic attitude. He's shown he has little to no regard for the safety of his fellow NHLers and as Josh Yohe reported, "I can assure you that Subban is the NHL's most unpopular player in the Penguins' locker room. They don't like the guy, as you just saw."

Habs Fans.

Boooooooooooooooooooooo! "Guys, we just won the game.." "Oh?" ... Booooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Brent Johnson.

Today we'll end the buzz with Brent Johnson. Yes Johnny has been a little iffy lately but we've got faith in BeeJ. So BeeJ our message to you is...



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