Judging a Book By Its Cover

Last night following the 5-1 Penguins victory over the Colorado Avalanche, Adrian Dater wrote his initial post game reaction for The Denver Post.  Dater has been with the paper since 1991 and has written a book on the Red Wings and Avalanche rivalry.  However, he decided to take the fact that plenty of Penguins' fans showed up to the Pepsi Center to give attitude about celebrating and showing pride in one team.  Obviously many fans of the Penguins are using the term "snarky" to describe the article.

This is a post that has been brewing because the Penguins' fan base is one that likes to bicker among itself as to whether someone is a "true fan."  With the lockout and drafting Sidney Crosby there is a natural divide that falls in with a separation in generations.  At times it seems there is a difference in 1995 and 2005 fans.  In reality, it shouldn't matter how you got there as long as you are a fan.

Dater uses the term "stub-hubbed glory" to explain the infiltration of Penguins' fans at the Pepsi Center last night.  That is a subtle product placement tool, but I imagine any fan would use the service if that is where the tickets are, especially if it is a better price.  Regardless of how they got the ticket, these people decided to go support their team the only time they were in town.  Good for them.

                                                 Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

The most alarming statement from Adrian Dater is one referring to where these fans live.

I think I finally agree with those who say: If you love your city and team so much, why do so many hundreds of you live in Denver or wherever?
So if you decide to pursue a career that doesn't exist in the town that your favorite sports team resides in, you should probably quit your job or if you decide to follow your partner as they pursue their dream or...(it goes on and on).  How does this affect people that grew up away from any major sports city?  It is a shame to think that if you leave your town you may need to stop cheering for that team.  There is a lot of inferring in this paragraph, but moving should not be an issue when it comes to affiliation.

Dater is not the first person to bring this or similar topic up and will not be the last.  A few months ago the brother of Penguins' announcer Paul Steigerwald, John, got in hot water for saying that Brian Stow should not have warn his jersey to the rivals teams stadium.  Stow was beaten at a Giants vs. Dodgers game and his age had a lot to do with why Steigerwald brought it up.  He did not feel adults should wear jerseys.  In a similar thought, Dater felt the reaction of fans at the Pepsi Center after each goal was outrageous.  

You'll read other reactions today that may have an attacking feel or perhaps a defensive feel.  We understand Dater's reaction and the team he writes for is falling out of the playoff race, but do not feel it is our place to state how one should show their pride in a team.  We think this is a further call for unity.  It doesn't matter if you wear a Penguin jersey one night or if you were a fan for two years.  It doesn't matter if you live in Fort Collins or Aspinwall.  You are a fan and as long as you aren't hurting anyone else that is okay by us.  Be proud, be responsible.  We are Pens Universe.


CrackerLilo said...

Thank you for this. It's really a stupid and nonsensical point, and one I don't think would have been made if the scores had been reversed. There are so many reasons why a person may cheer for a team that isn't based where they live. Center Ice and Gamecenter are immensely grateful for us, I'm sure. The owners of the Pepsi Center are probably grateful to have had butts in seats (and feet in concession lines) too, no matter what team they came for.

burgh34 said...

You know I use to hear this same crap when I lived in Seattle from the Seahawks fans. The simple fact of the matter is, once a Pittsburgher always a Pittsburgher. Try not letting your "home team" fans sell their tickets, until then deal with it ass-clowns

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