Auto Repair Clinic held in Philadelphia

Luckily the Philadelphia Flyers found it far more important hang around and repair what random fans decided to do during Game 1

Someone forgot to tell them that Game 3 was tonight

Personally, I was busy in the Versus chat held by @Brian_Metzer
I couldn't help but sympathize with a fellow who left chat when Montreal brought THAT GAME that they play.

In Montreal's defense, they came to play tonight..they looked interested and took their game to Philly.

Leighton got....

Pronger was embarrassed all night, including a wonderful "pass" for the Game Winner:

Montreal just controlled the entire game...Gagne scored late, but no one cared.
There was even some typical goonery, as expected, when Philly trails late in a game...

Insert any remark about anything Flyer related, the shenanigans that occurred under the 2 minute mark MAY have some impact on Game 4....certainly questionable.

What else is new?

Other notes:
I am aware of the Paul Ladewski article that had surfaced, and several folks have responded to it: PSAMP , ThePensblog , From The Point
From here, I don't feel a need to respond to this piece at all.  A baseball Writer (with a vote for the Hall of Fame) comments on the failure of the Pens for making the Playoffs and losing in the second round....never mind. Read those links, and move on.
It speaks VOLUMES that the article was pulled down.

It's not that Pittsburgh does not care about baseball, but it trails the Steelers and the Penguins in popularity...by a landslide. If a certain ownership group actually made an effort to field a winning team instead of collecting luxury money of the Red Sox and the Yankees and resting on the laurels known as merchandising sales, people would be incredibly surprised by the increase of fan support for the Pirates.

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