No Hockey = Slow News Day

The Pittsburgh Penguins have re-signed Derek Engelland 

The IIHF has something to say about players who say "NO"
Here is MY take on that

Mad Props to @tangent_man over at From the Point.com

I guess we know how Cycling is getting those HUGE ratings now

If you have ever wondered if PED's and drugs have had a drastic impact on hockey, I suggest doing some homework and start with the name, John Kordic

On a Sad note....No Penguins Hockey until next September

Flyers and Canadiens tonight...but I could find myself playing Red Dead Redemption instead. If the Habs haven't shown up yet and they play a home game tonight....... #justsaying

Most likely though, I will be over at Versus.com if Brian Metzer is hosting the room again tonight...which it is looking like he will be, according to his tweets. You should make a point to stop in, you never know who will be there.

Yeah.....slow news day...enjoy!

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