Saturday Morning Drudgery- UPDATED

Wow, new meds for the allergies meant that I actually slept and breathed at the same time for once this week. See also:

It's gameday. And while this isn't the pregame it will sum up what I could not stay up to watch last night:

Buccigross: If you don't shed a tear, you are NOT human

-The Pens after yesterday's practice

-Apparently Jonathan Toews went on a "killing spree" last night

-The Flyers won the lottery last night

-Brian Metzer was just saying...

-Darren Dreger's info on the Coyotes sale

I would love to see this again:

Sorry Phoenix, you should have never had the team, in my opinion.

Now can we get some love for this:

Quebec, you are already working on your own deal...I applaud you

-The Montreal Canadiens will have a new locker room attendant tonight:

Now for the real deal:

Tonight's Game 5 is huge, GAMEFACE!

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