1/17/2013 PensUniverse Podcast

Ahh a podcast!  Corey, Damian, and Nicole banter with host Doug over the shortened NHL season that is upon us.  We discuss how we feel about the whole lock out and where we stand now.  The discussion moves to the current 23 man roster with a debate over Eric Tangradi and Beau Bennett.  We also talk about the blue line pairings before some lightning round questions.

It is then time for predictions.  We look at the Atlantic Division, Eastern Conference Final, and then Stanley Cup Final.  Our predictions are:

Atlantic Division Top 3
Pens, Flyers, Rangers (Corey)
Rangers, Pens, Flyers (Nicole)
Rangers, Pens, Devils (Damian)
Devils, Rangers, Pens (Doug)

Eastern Conference Finals
Canes - Pens (Corey)
Leafs - Pens (Nicole)
Bruins - Pens (Damian)
Lightning - Pens (Doug)

Stanley Cup
Blackhawks Vs. Pens, No winner predicted (Corey)
Blues Vs. Pens, No winner predicted (Nicole)
Blues Vs. Rangers, Rangers Win (Damian)
Blues Vs. Pens, Blues Win (Doug)

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Please excuse the host as he types this post/does research for the pod.


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